Tuesday 2 February 2016

Good day yesterday

Death certificate obtained

Everybody arrives for meeting with Funeral directors 10 am.  
The ladies set to and give the house a bit of a tidy up nothing much done in the last week whilst we are at the funeral directors.

Meet Jackie at Co-op funeral directors Shettleston, taken to small room and told all the details of what happens next. 

Calls made
Crematorium slot agreed for Friday 5 February @ 4 pm.
Schedule agreed with minister for service @ 3 pm.
Call Maureen to ask her to speak with Mrs Margaret Crawford re flowers in the church.
Agree with Jackie for viewing in Chapel of rest up till 2 pm on 5 February.
No of cars agreed and timetable to arrive at Carrick Drive
Call to Redstones Hotel confirm Friday after crematorium fro reception – agree to call alter re final arrangements and numbers.

Leave and make our way to Showers for Flowers to decide on floral display for coffin etc. Pick the following Heart from me, Mum and Gran in white from boys and grandchildren and finally a display for the reception afterwards.

Arrive home ready for lunch minister arriving at 3 pm for chat.

All sit for lunch I wander a bit trying to assemble what we have sorted so far – finally it takes its toll on me my legs give away again as they did in the hospital – everyone very concerned a sit down and I am fine. I think it was me thinking of what I am about to speak to everyone about just before we eat.

family2I thank everyone for what they have all done for me today but importantly I wanted to speak to them about Margaret and her wishes. I spoke also about how she would have wished to have passed away before me as for her to go in to residential care would have given her a poor outcome in her remaining life.  I gave a short prayer and thanked the Lord for her life and all that she meant to us.

Much laughter followed as we ate, stories were exchanged great feeling of family together.

Ministered arrive at 3 pm quite a gathering I am not sure he was prepared as he began with asking questions. I said at one point was there enough time to get all this in. It is surprising how much information and reflection from everybody there is in moments like this. Graham left around 5 pm.

I now had something import to give to the boys. Margaret was very good at knowing what she wanted do as her MS condition worsened she wanted to so much to speak personally with the boys and me. She was able to achieve this by writing a letter in 2011 which David her brother did on a visit to them in Armadale. I know when I saw him come out of the room where they were working how difficult it was for him to do this.  I handed them the sealed letters and asked them to open them at a time of their choosing when they felt it was right for them.

Finally completed a draft order of service and emailed to Matthew to finalise and get to printers ready for Friday.

Discussion re what we the boys were wearing – decision handkerchief in top pocket of suit in Margaret’s favourite colour. Agree music for crematorium – Stevie Wonder “I just called to say I loved you” instrumental version for entering and Barbara Streisand ” Memories” for leaving.

What day.


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