Thursday 4 February 2016

One day to go to funeral

Everything is in place printer sorted and able to meet deadline.

I spend a bit of time going over my words again and again and agree on poem to read.

Philip and Jacquie are with me so plenty of banter to keep us amused.

Hear from family as they make arrangements and travel up from Midlands and Wales.

Anne sends over a poem from South Africa immediately forward to Graham for inclusion in the service.

Philip and his mum @ Matthews Wedding

Philip and his mum @ Matthews wedding

Agree what Margaret was to be wearing in the coffin – decision one of her favourite wedding outfits – taken to funeral directors.

Philip takes time out in the evening to hookup with friends, Maureen and Helen Glassford our elder come round for chat.

As usual I could not stop talking about Margaret especially how much she valued their friendship in the ten years that we have been at Sandyhills Church. Margaret really felt at home in the church and her faith was very important to her. We both felt so comfortable in the church and I know on occasions as we sat together I would reach over and turn her engagement ring round to catch the light it always got a smile from her. 

Hear family from down south has arrived safely.

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