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Thursday 28 January 2016


Early call to Hospital re Margaret’s overnight report again a positive reaction from nursing staff. Set off again mid morning/lunch time.

I find Margaret looking OK considering the last two days and a little more herself. I was able to feed her evening meal of Steak pie followed by apple pie and custard. Today was very much spent just being with Margaret chatting without tiring her out.

Report to the family made late on.

Philip and Jacquie decide to travel up overnight from Northampton.

Left hospital after visiting time around 8 pm.

Wednesday 27 January 2016 (This does not seemed to be published on Facebook)

Early call to hospital for an update how Margaret had spent the night. Reports positive so set off to the hospital early morning.

Arriving at hospital found Margaret sitting up but tired and asking to go home. Margaret had had a couple of moves already and another one was planned to another ward.

Settled Margaret in new ward unfortunately we had to relay all the information again as it was not the same doctors but all sorted OK and we were able to chat a bit. I am now becoming a bit more hopeful that Margaret might well be able to recover. That evening I was able to feed her Haggis, neeps and potato and Ice cream.

Today has been a good day compared with yesterday a good day with more hope of a positive outcome. Information passed to Leuchie House re Margaret’s condition.

David, Janice and Steven were about most of the day but I left after evening visiting time for home.

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