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South Africa Day 6

Early 5 am start for our game drive along the Skukuza road and back to Lower Sabie for breakfast along  designated dirt tracks.

Just outside Lower  Sabie Camp is Sunset Damp where we saw Crocodile and Hippos.  Not much further on we came across a large herd of elephant making their way up from the river and onto vegetation on the opposite side of road. Everything stops to see these beautiful creatures cross in front us replenishing their food intake – patience is needed as any sudden movement could increase the possibility of  a charge.

Our next sighting was of a Lioness with her cubs coming onto the tarmac road, she was very clever in ushering the cubs back away from the traffic and into the bush.

Two more Rhino were spotted with full horn attached, so far we are up to about six in all with complete horns which is reassuring after all reports of poaching.

Arriving back at Lower Sabie we were able to stop on the bridge here we saw Goliath Heron and on our travels Yellow Billed Kite, White Backed Vulture and Bateluer Eagle.

Next was a day/night organised game drive in the locality. The Elephants were very much in evidence as they made their way back across the river to their overnight stop before stating their journey again. Apparently they eat roughly 20 hrs a day whilst making their journeys back and forth.

Two young Lions were spotted resting up and then three Rhinos likely a male, female and a young Rhino again fully horned.

The darkness falls very quickly here just as we spotted a lone Lion in the distance only distinguished by eye colour in the light beams are you able to tell what it is.

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