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South Africa Day 11

My final day in South Africa.

As they say all good things come to an end. Anne and Stan have been wonderful hosts introducing me to many of their friends and educating me in all things African.

Travelling with Anne to her school at Tanda Tula was very special seeing her class perform their end of school presentation. The game drive before hand took my breath away a kill on day one EPIC. Breakfast on the river bed was one of the best I had ever had OK I was up at 4-30 and in need of fuel.

The wild animals – Elephant so huge and so close almost touching the landrover. Lions in their natural environment and still as close as 10 m and closer on one occasion. Good number of Giraffe so huge and graceful in their movement as they picked up speed. There were numerous Zebra, Wildebeest, Impala and Warthog. The experience of seeing many Rhino especially as we in the UK hear so many distressing stories about poaching and the barbaric way the horn is severed from the Rhino.  We saw approx 6 all together and all with horns fully attached – a great sight.

Go home I must strong in the knowledge that I placed Margaret’s ashes just how she would have wanted – overlooking Vutomi Dam where many animals will come to drink a lovely tranquil spot chosen by Anne. I was so pleased to have Anne and Stan’s  company but especially Anne. I can see how close Margaret was to Anne they mirrored each other in thought and just the odd high jinx during their school days. 

Just a few pictures and video to collate and make something meaningful from my experience here in South Africa.

My final evening was spent inside the Traverse Reserve next door to Raptor View. A lovely tranquil setting to be enjoying a small drink or to in Anne and Stan’s company. The dam was not very full but the sunset over the nearby mountains made a fitting finale to my most wonderful stay in South Africa.

Totsiens- Raptor, Anne and Stan.
Totsiens - South Africa

Can't wait to come back


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