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South Africa Day 10

It is Saturday now I think each day has flown by almost without taking a breath to catch up on something happening whether in the Park or here at Raptor.

After breakfast we sat down to watch the video with Anne, Stan and later Paige and Mark. Their reactions said it all. I know that I have become a little involved and emotional in putting it together over the last few weeks. It has been absolutely something that I have wanted to do and never found the correct time to tackle it. To think as I write this on 4th December 2016 that in 24 days time I would have seen Margaret for the first time in 1969. 

Reading through the letters which took me over 3 days – Margaret was 2-1 up on my replies, collating photos and film clips brings it home to me even more so what a wonderful person she was. Do I have a favourite picture it would be the school photo of 1969 and the one that I kept with me taken in Aviemore in 1969.

The chats I have had with Anne going over Margaret and their exploits, summer working at Hutton Park Hotel in Largs, brownies and many other hilarious moments. We seemed to also be laughing at the same time like Anne in the eerie in Balule sorting the inside out. I enjoyed my chats with Stan also learning a bit about life in Raptor and their travels around the globe.

The evening was complete with a sumptuous braai of fillet beef, ribs, sweet corn and boerewors (farmers sausage) finished off with a wonderful salad made by Paige and wine.


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