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Now Saturday with the New Year well past but unfortunately the snow returned today. It is raining just now so most likely all gone by morning.

Spent Thursday in Glasgow exchanging some presents and had lunch with Matthew.

Just made a paella from Jamie Oliver cook book that Philip & Jacquie gave me for Christmas. Very nice but difficult to make for two.

Been busy at last in getting the new website up and running. The address is http://carrickdrive.me.uk.  the site is still evolving so all the links are not available yet.  I cannot get the email link to work. I spent a lot of time on to support which unfortunately was in Asia so I think I will be moving to a new host and try the other domain I have carrickdrive.co.uk.

My honours course website opens on Monday so it is back to the books when the course starts at the end of the month.


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