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Saturday 13 February 2016

Philip and Jacquie scheduled to travel back to Northampton around 2 pm.

Make plans for their visit in May. Garage front needs repair, materials itemised – weather permitting – as well as a couple other jobs planned.

Early lunch before they set off and bus packed.

This was the moment that I had not talked about WHEN I am left on my own. This was it and to be honest it was very traumatic as this was like the final moment in the last three weeks of a roller coaster road that I have been on. A moment was taken – well a long moment with them both talking through with me our feelings over the last three weeks and what plans we might make when the time was right in the coming months.

See them off wish them safe journey

Margaret and Michael in wedding car Sept 1970I hope that you have followed the blog and I have tried to be as accurate as possible with the daily updates. I have found it a useful release to document Margaret’s death and the emotions that I felt at the time. Whilst 31 January will always be a day that I will always remember, I place it along side a few others:-
28 December 1968 – the day we saw each other in Glasgow for the first time – falling in love in Aviemore and exchanging of letters thereafter till
16 September 1970 – Married
July 1973 Steven born, October 1975 Philip Born, July 1982 Matthew born.

Margaret and I had a great life together but sadly cut short at 64 years.

Decide as Valentines day was coming up to get a card “Thinking of you” this I will do on significant dates going forward.

A new life for me without Margaret but her memory will always be in my heart.



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