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Room under the Hammer

No not the Tv programme but it does show that some of the people on it must tell a few porkies.

One room  – strip paper on walls and ceiling 2 days – palsterer to do walls and ceiling 2 days (3 or more days to dry-out) – painting walls 2 days – wardrobe fit is scheduled for 3 days and new skirting boards – further painting 2 days – 14 days just one room. A whole house in 6 months just might make it.

Margaret away to respite next week so complete when she returns on 11 March.

Course nearing the completion of block 1 and TMA in by next week. What a difference between academic type course and the technical ones. I am now thinking I might have been better to do an other academic one for my honours. The module (not course) as it is to be called does have some interesting stuff of what is in the black box or card re networking  packets and the like thenwe move on to audio and video editing etc later on so there is a good mix.

I am following a schedule in garden news for cropping vegetables written by the guy on friday mornings radio Terry Walton who hails from South Wales so we will see – also in competition with Jaks to grow potatoes in bags – bring it on.

Off to get paint and make my first trip to empty the garage of paper and plaster and a further 4 to go with wood and wardrobe.


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