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Potato Competition

In strictly fashion here are the results which have not been verified by an independent adjudicator

Variety Bag Kg Garden Kg
Swift (Competition 2.0 1.78
Rocket 1.28 0.672
Kestrel 1.409 1.29
Lady Chrystal 0.720 0.277
Pentland Javelin 1.9 2.9
Cara 1.68 2.158

Not sure what Jaks will publish. For me the bags seem an expensive way to grow potatoes unless you use straight garden soil. I do not think I added enough compost to the bags during the growing period. Certainly the potatoes were cleaner out of the bags. I cannot really say which were the best eaters or cookers we just ate them.

This year no competition or any test bed growing just Foremost which will be split between the garden and some large bags. I think the smaller bags are little small not allowing sufficient compost to be added.

Finally from what Jaks and Philip said when they were up last year I did not have a very good crop compared with theirs.

So a honourable draw then.

Thanks for reading.

Update from Graduation on 14 April will be next post

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