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One year on


 “She’s gone” were the words that Philip spoke to me whilst he was holding his mother’s hand. The time was approximately 4.30 pm Sunday afternoon 31 January 2016. This time Margaret finally lost her battle to beat her latest war with MS associated problems. Since her diagnosis in 1982 she never lost the magic of her smile despite everything that her MS condition threw at her. We looked at ourselves as the ‘A’ team we were on the winning side. We met forty eight years ago on the 28 December 1968 and after a whirlwind four days in Aviemore we were to marry on 16 September 1970 have a wonderful life together and bring up three fabulous sons.

I picked up a card the other day which so summed up my feelings for Margaret.

Inside at the top I wrote.
It is one year on that you passed on to our Lord.
There is not a day goes by without me thinking about you.
(in the middle are these words) 
“And wanting you to know”

I wrote here some personal things which mean’t so much to us during our life together.

Love you always.


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