Monday 1 February 2016

The day after the day before how does one describe ones feeling after what we went through yesterday.

As the hours drifted by and the enormity sinks in that Margaret is no longer with us.
Now there is so much to do and arrange Margaret’s funeral.
We are against some deadlines especially as Matthew is scheduled to fly back out to Oman one week today with his family to carry on his job at the conference centre. 

Email Anne in South Africa to update her re Margaret’s death.


Collect death certificate from the hospital.
Arrange to register death at the council offices
Speak with chosen funeral home to carry out arrangements
Speak with minister re funeral
Arrange flowers
Arrange for details of funeral service leaflet to be printed
Book hotel for post funeral get together (Redstones Hotel – cannot do till after meeting with funeral directors)

A lot to do in a short space of time. Call made to council offices and meeting set for 4 pm today which just gave us time to get sorted – travel to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary to collect certificate and then drive back to Glasgow for council appointment – going to be tight any delays and we miss deadline 1.

Make it just – back in Glasgow (forgot – to add my panic as I cannot find birth and marriage certificates – I turn draw and folders upside down but they are not to found hate this feeling of being inadequate not able to locate the documents – read up on website we could register without them. Still very unhappy).
Registration made so decide to have a bite in Jamie Oliver’s in George Square.

Further appointments made at Co-op Funeral Directors Tuesday 10 am all the boys will attend with me.
Minister visit arranged for 2/3 pm on Tuesday afternoon.
Arrange to have a big family lunch on Tuesday David, Janice, Sandra, Steven, Yvonne, Philip, Jacquie, Matthew and Fiona. All to attend visit with minister.

A full on day – who else to inform apart from family – nothing more to add – I am on whatever it is to get me through today. The week ahead does not bear thinking about.

Philip and Jaquie give me much needed comfort – we seem to be all on a rush in and out of the red bus all week is there any end so much to do.

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