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Not long now till a NEW YEAR and new challenges for the Abbott clan.

Well the boy’s back in town well actually getting out for a run for the first time since November 26th. Managed yesterday and the day before now that the footpaths are usable. Still some remnants of snow and ice in places making it tricky to get a grip. Rested today and will not run again till Monday. It is strange how you miss something that you have been doing regularly.

Jaks and I are now in competition mode  growing potatoes that is, they sent me some growing bags and some seed potatoes for a present so we are in mode to see who grows the best and largest crop.

Thanks from Margaret and I for all your presents and I hope that you approved of our gifts to you all.

I have been working on a joomla website for the Abbott/Howat interested parties, I hope to launch it live sometime in the next few weeks. You will need to contribute something about yourselves to make the pages interesting, I will only put the basics on just now.

Margaret calls – Happy New Year to all.

Well where did all the text I just did go.

Meant to add earlier, I made a recipe from Jamie Oliver 30 min meals (book from Steven & Yvonne) yesterday Macaroni Cheese , Cauliflower etc. It was great but on Sky news this morning many people tweeted to complain about the title as they were complaining that you cannot make the meals in 30 mins. I reckon I was quite close all in but does it matter. Sad people with nothing better to do are they going to complain about all books with a time in the title, learn this program in 24 hrs or build this cabinet in 30 mins or tile this wall in 3 hours. I rest my case for the sensible among us.

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