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Glasgae Monsoon 27 May 2017

The weather forecast had been for heavy rain about 5 pm. I was on the bowling green this morning and felt a spot around 11.30. I had not taken any waterproofs with me so I may get wet. Luckily that was all we got and finished our game just before 12.00.

Came home and changed in to shorts with the intention of going to do some tiding of bluebells in the garden but it started to rain and we had just a little bit of down pour around 12.45.

Watched a bit of the second half of the Scottish Cup final when it went a bit on the dark side and the commentator mentioned it was pouring at Hampden Park.

At 16.51 it started to rain a little at Carrick Drive and for the next 10 minutes the heavens opened, gutters not able to take the amount of water coming down on the roof of all the houses. The street was a wash to about 3/4 inches of water and running pretty quickly.

The video is from the Carrick drive security cameras.


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