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Another week has gone by. Still cold in the mornings so no running at the moment as my back is  a little sore still. Managed badminton last Monday OK.

Spent the week kicking off on the latest course work on the final couple of chapters now of the first block. Spent most of the week on line doing the CISCO site on networks especially the makeup of TCP/IP protocols, well what is inside them, not sure I will ever need to know but there is bound to be a question what is in the network layer etc. Next read is wireless networks etc. Brought a calculator and managed to figure out how to do the sums 4.27 x 10^6 x 3.14x 10^9 and 4.9×10^9/3.6×10^-9. Can you do it. Answers on a post card.

We had intended to go to the homeopathic hospital this afternoon but we have had so many changes that I called to check and it is next Thursday so saved a trek over to Anniesland.  Have bowls AGM tonight which is a big wow that I could do without but I had better show a face or they may revoke my membership.

Not done much on the joomla website but have had an extended play on the drupal ones on the MAC but I am not convinced not very user friendly for me anyway so will stick with joomla just now. I will need to look over the hosting sites sometime as I could not get directly into phpmyadmin on the Fasthosts site.


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