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Made the first foray to the greenhouse yesterday, a bit of tidying up done. The water buts have an iceberg in each still and you can only get down about 2 inches on the soil. NB Jaks managed to get the discount on the T&M site plus an extra five pound because I rang up and queried it not working.  Brought some potato packs to do a full years test on the bags.

Went for my first run this year only been twice since the snows of November.

Downloaded Drupal 7 to see what I could do with it, not a lot as it seems more complicated than joomla, download joomla 1.6 and got it working apart from the editor. No more done with carrickdrive.me.uk other than the basics.

Started course  a lot to take in with some calculator work, now don’t laugh but when I was at school they did not exist (calculators) and I have no children at home to crib off.  Managed with the grey cells to work some things out, so WH Smith on Monday to buy a scientific one. I looked in Tesco but it looked more complicated than I needed.

Into storage definitions at the moment, and I have to write a technical report by the end of February on a subject not yet released. There seems to be quite a bit of online work as well as section on CISCO systems very early on in the next two weeks.


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