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Big Storm day 2

Well here we are on day two of the Beast from the East.

It would appear that we had a few more cm’s overnight with all my tracks filled in from yesterday. The Lexus is till with its snow coat on to keep it warm. The M73 motorway slip road near Carrick Drive was closed from early morning as vehicles could not get up the incline. Buses are running a half hourly service and I understand no trains at all on our city route to Queen Street.

No bowls for me as our street had very cars negotiating the foot deep snow, all turning to mush now but it is now so cold I have the icicles forming on the gutters.

One of the other pictures is our local co-op store with empty bread shelves I think it has been like this since yesterday.

Freezing temperatures overnight and Emma arriving from the south all makes an interesting overnight period.

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The Beast from the East arrives at Carrick Drive, Glasgow

Yesterday 27th we had what can only be described as a prelude to what was to come overnight. The day time temperature was very cold yesterday – we in fact had a power cut at the West of Scotland Bowling so home within the hour at 11-30 am.

Out a church meeting till 9 pm and no sign of what was to come during the night.

The pictures best describe the scene this morning I estimate approaching about 6” plus at the rear which faces east. The car will remain in its blanket of snow just now. It took me about an hour to clear a path through to the front of 62 – I only cleared enough snow for the wheels as there is so much.

Just as a comparison we had virtually no frost or snow in 2016/2017 winter period – we have made up for it big time and so late in the Winter/Spring cycle. Thankfully this late on it does not last long – I hope.

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Two Years on

It is two years today that Margaret passed away.
Each day that we spent together was a pleasure. The last few days I have re read my posts from last year reflecting on that week in 2016 at the end of January/February. I had so much support from my family and friends that made my loss that more bearable. 
This last couple of years have been ones of reflection and hope for what is to come for me and my boy’s families at the loss of their mother and my life long soul mate.

I picked up a card the other day which I wish to share the words with you which so summed up my feelings right now.

Caring thoughts,
A heartfelt message at this sad time, 
Our loved one will be remembered
Her beauty will always shine

For those we love stay with us,
even after they have gone,
And precious memories will never fade
For love itself lives on.

At a time when words can say so little
and hearts feel so much sorrow,
Caring thoughts are sent to give us all strength
and help us face each tomorrow.

Margaret love you always.

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49 years since we first met

December 28 in 1968 was the day Margaret and I first met at Croftspar Avenue, Glasgow. Our story is well documented on my website and select blog.
49 years later it is still a special memory for me especially what happened in the next few days that December. When Margaret passed away in January 2016 it left a big void in my life so young at 64 to be taken into the Lord’s arms. 
The memories that are with me and my three boy’s and their families are so special to us. The last two years have been a wonderful period as we have reflected together with her brother David and sister Sandra Margaret’s life despite some trying times as she coped daily with her deliberating condition of MS always with such a positive outlook.
Thanks Margaret will remember you always.
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Christmas 2017

Just recently having just completed some Christmas shopping I was driving home the reality that this would be the second Christmas without Margaret hit me. It was one of those moments when you think of your loss at this joyous time of the year.

Margaret loved Christmas meeting up with all her family and having her boys and their families to share the day with her.

The card you can see I thought summed up what this time of the year is really about thinking of those who are no longer with us to share the joys of Christmas and other magical moments in our lives.

So, look up into the night sky at the stars – just choose one it is your star and just say a wee prayer to your loved one and maybe say thanks, we miss you so much and thanks for all the wonderful memories you gave us.

In memory of Margaret

Walking in Competa

Well I am always up for something new. Decided to try a walking holiday with Ramblers UK and plumbed for this one week in northern Spain with a group of unknown people – a dip into the unknown.

Arr here April 1 after joining up with group at Malaga Airport. Flight from Glasgow was with leaving at 06-50. Group assembly was made with fellow Ramblers UK clients and guide Ursula. The group members came from London, Manchester and Canadians.

 A journey by coach of about 1.5 hrs up into the Axarquia district from Malaga got everyone introducing themselves to within the group of 19 persons. Ursula the guide gave us an update of the surrounding area and what was to happen in the evening before dinner. 

After checkin and a short rest it was off to do a check of the town of Competa with Ursula and the group.

Back to hotel Balcon de Competa for our nightly debrief for the day ahead.

Full instructions of the week ahead and the task/objective for tomorrow April 2. 

Day one local circular walk via Canallis.

Day two up via Peuteo Collobro and then upwards before descending back into Canallis.

Day three short taxi ride to begin route around to Arabic town of Salares.

Day four was a rest day.

Day five a route to Frigiliana about 17km.

Day six a high local ridge route.

There will be spelling errors and photos to add at a later date.

After reading I will update as and when possible.



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Mothers Day We will always remember you

On this special day we remember our mothers who perhaps had the most influence on our lives. This is the second mothers day without Margaret my wife and mother to our three boys. So I want to share with you the words from my card I brought.

Taking a special moment to think of you

Some people can’t help but bring warm thoughts to mind …

They are known for ways they are caring and kind.

For positive outlooks and laughter they share

For others feel better whenever they’re there ….

Special to know and spend time around, too,

they’re the ones who are nice to remember  – like you (Margaret)

I am so grateful for the wonderful gift of you  (Margaret) in my life.


All my love always


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This is the name I have given the culprits who violate our personal space in and around our homes.

Yesterday at the unearthly hour of 4am my house alarm goes off I proceeded to the kitchen to deactivate within 30 secs to be confronted with a very cold kitchen as the doors and windows were open. It is fair to say my brain was not at its best at that time trying to piece together the doors and windows. I did close them and drop snips the night before. Look in the conservatory and it is easily apparent someone had made entry to the property.

Police called and arrived within the half hour with an update as to their progress by telephone. They were doing a sweep of the area before coming to me.

Best I could tell at that time in the morning only my wallet and a mobile phone was missing.

The rest of the day was spent making statements calling various agencies and insurance company to secure the property.

I was asked by the police if I had lost a pair of binoculars, looked in conservatory and a small set was missing.


Police called round last evening at 11-30 pm to ask me to identify if a set of binoculars were mine, they were and someone had been taken into custody following the sweep in the morning in a street just behind Carrick Drive.

Scumbags whoever you are violating our personal space and causing in the grand scheme of things minimal damage to property which can be repaired you cause us an enormous amount of stress and anxiety. Persons less able than me are in fear of living in their own homes as you appear to make repeated returns to add further stress to an already difficult situation.

Luckily I did not encounter the person/persons involved but at that time in morning nothing is happening in the correct order but I would have inflicted as much injury as possible to the person/persons but dressed in my best PJ’s was not exactly Kung FU attire.

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Ten years on – catch up since I retired

Well here I am on my blog after a little time away. It seemed right to launch into a rambling as on this St Andrews day 2004 I retired from the BBC.

Ten years where has it all gone? Many people ask do I miss it Yes of course I had a wonderful time in my role in BBC Sport Scotland forging many links with friends both in the sporting world, the many technicians who made it all look so simple whether it was camera shots, audio work or the mystery of video editing on both film and videotape.

The many commentators and pundits that I met were some of the most knowledgeable in the art of communicating the action to the viewers.

One of the reasons I decided to retire before my sixtieth birthday was to look after Margaret full time. She has supported me all the time I was dispatching myself to Olympic, Commonwealth Games, World Cups, European Football championships and various sporting events around Scotland for the past twenty five years’ – time was to take stock as her Multiple Sclerosis condition was not getting any better and more help was needed from yours truly.

So what did happen in the last ten years?

If you have followed some of the threads going back to the winter of 2010 when the snow came in a vengeance and seemed to last forever was the start of the Ramblings from Carrick Drive as a way of communicating to our three boys scattered around the UK at the time.

I started my Open University Degree in the 2005/06 which at the time I had no idea which direction it was going to take or the time taken to complete. Going to Glasgow concert Hall in April 2012 to receive my Honours degree was one of those days in front of my family was very special.

Margaret and I managed many cruises and great holidays in the last ten years. The highlight would be two to mention the Hurtigruten journey up the coast of Norway which spread over the midsummer when we had six days of 24 hour sunshine. The sun never setting was too much to take in.

The other trip was the canal journey on a barge (Reine Pedaugue) in southern France around Dijon. The barge was a converted coal carrying barge from the Rhine with a stannah stairlift to get down to the bedrooms. An open bar and food you would not believe cooked in the smallest galley kitchen in the world – 12 days of total relaxation. We managed as part of our trip to take in my grandfather’s grave in Bethune near Arras he was killed on December 23rd 1916.

So what have the family been doing?

Steven and Yvonne now have two children. Matthew is now married to Fiona and now have one child born in November 2013. Philip at long last took the plunge and married Jacquie in August 2013.

When Margaret and I look back as we will do in just a few weeks’ time at the start of January 2015 we will see our family flourishing and making their own way in the world.

So ten years have disappeared in a flash with great memories to reflect on.

So I start the next chapter 1 December 2014.

Some pictures


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Christmas Eve

I was inspired recently by the report from the Channel Islands about the repatriation of Christmas messages sent by the German troops finding their way home after (BBC link) 71 years.

I recalled one I had that my dad had sent my mother whilst he was in the Mediterranean during the war.  The card shows the foot of Italy which the Durham Light infantry 16 brigade were involved.  (Durham Light Infantry)  Some pictures of my dad during the war from a site administered by Tom Tunney shows the history of his father during the war with the Light Infantry.

This is the card sent by me dad xcard1card2

Merry Christmas