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Oct 4, 2011 - Computer, Just Now    No Comments

Computer Woes – and then success?

The saga continues – decided to go for a rebuild of win7 32 and win7 64 on a dual boot system.

Win7 32

This has the following 32 bit OS and Office 2007. This will be left alone in this low configuration as a failsafe.

The reason for the build was the problems I had a couple of weeks ago when the following errors seem to occur all at once.

Flat screen monitor suddenly had all sorts of lines across it. Replaced GFX card with spare and all came good – great but no – then I had all sorts of BSOD’s. I tested initially in pairs until I found it should have been done in singles.

Out of the four sticks only one showed no problems, two would not boot machine and one failed very quickly on test 5. So I am left with a working machine with 2 G out of 8 and jiggered GFX card.Memory86+ test package used.

Back to installing Win7 64bit.

Added Office 10 and a couple of other bits such as ESET AV and Malwares software and decided a good time to do the image thing.

Image made but left it a couple of days before taking the plunge to actually test it. Bingo time now reinstall complete both Win 32 and Win64 in about 15 mins.

However still getting some BSOD’s at random times but traced it down to actually crashing when the system came out of hibernation mode.

Reset CMOS to default – no change still had BSOD’s, so now defaulted BIOS and made some adjustments here as the defaults do not work with SATA needed ACHI mode. Turned off IDE and a couple of other settings – installed 2 sticks of new memory still on old GFX card.

Another eureka moment as the system now started to behave itself this after adjusting hibernation and sleep mode in preferences to NEVER. System now working as it should.

There is a but – Outlook today decided not to work for some reason – eventually went onto BT yahoo and my email was working fine as was Margaret’s address, so something wrong with my settings, played a bit but no clear conclusion other than set ESET firewall to allow in each direction and it came good. Spoke with ESET no thoughts there – no updates issued, a windows defender did a download something. Working now – computer glitch to make sure there is a but.

Continued to install software as well as remaining memory sticks, new GFX card so now I go for a new image and test.

Image made and rebuild including format completed in 18 minutes.

The boy is back in town well almost as I was putting this together the PC froze just like the weather here in Scotland.

Where did all my problems originate from. Nothing concrete but suspected a patch back in April that jiggered my Bullguard account which I never got working again, HD changed etc as well as alot of download’s of this and that from Bullguard. I will never know.


Sep 27, 2011 - Computer, Just Now    No Comments

PC Woes

For some time now I have been having the random BOSD without any consistent reason. I installed blue viewer which did give me some indication of the file that seemed to be giving me the most trouble. More often than not it was (ntosknl) which seemed to be located in the depths of the system with the web offering a lot of suggestions none of them concrete solutions.

Last week the whole system threw a wobbly with the TFT screen showing all sorts of fussy images so I thought graphic card was grubbed (Nvlddmkm driver sent me on a hunt) in the end I put in an old card and I managed to get my system to work to allow me to send off my final paper to OU.

Task now was to decide on a full rebuild which I have managed with a re format of the drive for both win 32 and win 64 systems. Loaded various programmes and did an image of the system which I find includes the win32 & win64. OK so a test was needed which I did and all worked fine taking less than 15mins. to complete rather than the day and half with updates etc.

And then it crashed during the afternoon a couple of days ago – blue screen viewer showed a couple of things like file.sys and the ntosknl again but with 1066 next to it sent me thinking memory.

Downloaded memorytest86+ and ran two of the mem-sticks and showed no errors, good I thought until I did as instructed to do stick at a time – out of the four sticks two will not boot the machine and one has errors and thankfully one is good no errors. Four new sticks ordered.

I was hoping for a series of passes on the good stick but we had a power cut in the early morning so all was down.

Questions remaining after new sticks installed is old GFX card dead, is there anything else on the way out soak test will provide the answer.

I think I did well never beat myself up (age I think) when it all went down last week as I had all the documents on another drive so could access them.

What have I learnt, not a lot other than follow some instincts and at least get some tangible errors.

I ran just about everything last week from malware detection on boot etc. on both 32 and 64 OS showed nothing.

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Just a test page

Just found this on the system from word press so thought give it a go. Seems simple enough but most likely basic. Need to investigate more re albums etc. One week to go before I have to send in the final paper for Hons. Module. It has been quite boring at times but it is now completed I retire from end of the month and concentrate in the garden etc. I am sure I will come up with something else to do soon enough.

Just a test so see how it is received typing on IPad so here goes send button here I come.


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Can’t believe it is over a month since I last posted. The excuse is that I have been busy completing my latest TMA for the course and completing some work at the church. I never find the time really so I thought go for it today before I need to make Sunday dinner.

The church  east corner has been on the go for about a year but on my own with the OU studies and the vagaries of the weather I never found the time to get it done. See for yourself the finished area.

That is that bit done next I am on to getting a network around the church which is connected but a router switch is needed. One arrived via my colleague on sound but no PSU so will go up tomorrow and check the updates are complete.  I will suggest to the summer mission that they could have an internet cafe if they wished. Total cost so far £24.00 for home plug.

Pressing on with the next part of my hons degree (Certificate for degree arrive yesterday) but finding it not very stimulating but I will crack it.

The gardening competition is well underway with potatoes planted, carrots and beetroot sown. The greenhouse is full of plug plants, tomatoes, peppers beans etc. Jaks watch this space.

TTFN I will try not to leave so long next time.

Feb 9, 2011 - Computer, Just Now    No Comments


Still having problems with PC. More BSOD’s today random reasons (driver_power_state_failure) failed to come out of hibernation. I suspect after some updates from Seattle. A number have failed I notice.

Did a trawl around the net and found a couple of updates for the motherboard and gfx card which updated this week.  Really have no clue what the problem is whether it is a function of 64, the board is not up to it or there may be problem somewhere else.

New HD installed eventually as a straight copy from the old disk.

Went into John Lewis today to try and get wedding outfit for Margaret sadly nothing suitable, we are not surprised with the lack of styles etc that were offered. We will keep looking and the right outfit will fall into place.

Need to put the keyboard into operational mode and get the TMA’s done and the computer marked assignments. The remainder of the books arrived to day they get bigger each time a lot of reading about bluetooth, mobile phones, collaboration software etc.

We have decided the bedroom is getting done whilst Margaret is away at respite -Matthew is coming over on Saturday to take out current fittings and strip the walls for a plasterer to start in the next couple of weeks ready for the fitters.

And not as it is too late HAPPY Birthday to Yvonne.


Feb 3, 2011 - Computer, Just Now    No Comments


The rain is battering down now so it cannot get any more gloomier. Then maybe it can.

PC is still a little sick – having spoken with desktop guru we came to a similar conclusion that the HD may be on its way if not already gone.  It has managed to work OK all day so far.

Did a purchase of Acronis 11 and managed to do a clone of my 32 bit onto an external drive. It wouldn’t do a clone from my 64 drive – it kept breaking down – I was expecting it to clone any disk no matter where it was in the system – the one I did manage did the reboot and did it all before windows loaded..  A bit more research I found ACTIVE ( and loaded the trial version (21Days) and did an image from 64 to a space which I did not have to think about on another drive on my system.

Anyway I have ordered a 500g drive to put in and see if this cures the problem of BSOD. The only thing that has been playing up today is windows explorer  taking an age to red DVD’s etc. and deciding to close when it felt like it.

Tutorial 1 on Saturday to see what the grey matter has taken in so far.


Feb 1, 2011 - Computer, Just Now    No Comments


I feel today has been wasted. Went to PC this morning and all was not well. It had rebooted for some reason and wiped the dual boot of the 64 version log on. This is provided by easy-bcd v2 and has been there since I built the machines. So onto the 32 and reinstated the boot details and onwards I went. Alas no good as the PC continually crashed first with pen_list_corrupt and then mem_management that was after trying to boot in safe mode. Eventually managed to get it to work without crashing. Initially thought it was a problem with Microsoft security software so uninstalled and tried Bull-Guard but I cannot get it to install as it shuts down the LAN so no connection. Back now with Microsoft essentials so no idea of problem. I just suspect some update that I do not know about. Will shut off tonight to give it a rest.

Other than that it is now raining in Glasgow.

Dec 19, 2010 - Computer, Just Now    No Comments


It’s back. Had a small dusting yesterday but since 13:30 to day it has not stopped. Brrrr.

Another problem for those going to work tomorrow.  Been reading about a product called autosock (google it) which is a cover for the driving wheel which you put on and take off etc. less than £50 for pair and they can be washed.

Installed 2GB of memory to the MAC. used the crucial checker and used their product. All seen OK not sure if it is any quicker only time will tell.

Going to do some DIY and then load pics from last Sunday at Sandra’s.

Nov 30, 2010 - Computer    No Comments




More snow in the night and more falling as I cleared the drive.


Car with new accessory of white roof top.

The sun came out whilst I was in the front the reflections look good.

The regular postman was on a day off. I spoke with the postie and he was telling me the van could not get down to fill his auxiliary box at the bottom of Carrick Drive and the one at the top by KwikFit was frozen. A Long day for the postie.













Nov 29, 2010 - Computer    No Comments


New Toy

Giving this extension that I found for Open Office to be able to write a blog post rather than being in the WordPress site. It seems to allow word processing first and then you up load much like a FTP file.


Just finished the evening praise audio cd. We are having some issues with levels etc. Having to do more work than I would like in boosting audio levels in the edit.

Re MAC what else have I found.

Expose – having four windows open much like the Win7 side on applications, F9 shows all apps (6) open at the moment, F10brings up tow pages from same app. Such as two Open Office docs, F11 moves them to side to clear the desktop. (Great)

Well lets see how easy it is.

Need to go and mend the snow shovel

How easy was it. Very confused did all the direct things from MAC and Open Office and it indicated that I needed to check this and that. Checked the WordPress site to look for any dialog boxes needed to be filled, none I could see. AND then I looked and the ramble was there hence this edit.

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