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Day 3 Monday April 3

This was the view on our first stop at Puerto del Collado. A steep initial climb out of Competa and a steady track winding round the hillside to this view point. A fabulous vista we had after only about 1.5 hrs walking. A good rest here for photos and a discussion of where next.

off we set before turning off up hill along a narrow track for some 200/300 m climbing, quite tough going till we reached the col. Mini lunch break taken here time about 1145. 

Set off again some went to the fire watch tower and the rest caught with the party a little way down the track. 

Destination was Canillas de Albaida, mostly fire and forestry roads from here on – lunch break taken around 1300 en-route.

Eventually arrive at Canillas and just a wee drink was taken before returning to Competa.

Some stats from Fitbit for each day.

steps 25837 = 19.64 km

Floors 204

Heart rate   33 min peak, 3 hrs 15 min cardo, fat burn 12 hr 18 mins






Walking in Competa

Well I am always up for something new. Decided to try a walking holiday with Ramblers UK and plumbed for this one week in northern Spain with a group of unknown people – a dip into the unknown.

Arr here April 1 after joining up with group at Malaga Airport. Flight from Glasgow was with leaving at 06-50. Group assembly was made with fellow Ramblers UK clients and guide Ursula. The group members came from London, Manchester and Canadians.

 A journey by coach of about 1.5 hrs up into the Axarquia district from Malaga got everyone introducing themselves to within the group of 19 persons. Ursula the guide gave us an update of the surrounding area and what was to happen in the evening before dinner. 

After checkin and a short rest it was off to do a check of the town of Competa with Ursula and the group.

Back to hotel Balcon de Competa for our nightly debrief for the day ahead.

Full instructions of the week ahead and the task/objective for tomorrow April 2. 

Day one local circular walk via Canallis.

Day two up via Peuteo Collobro and then upwards before descending back into Canallis.

Day three short taxi ride to begin route around to Arabic town of Salares.

Day four was a rest day.

Day five a route to Frigiliana about 17km.

Day six a high local ridge route.

There will be spelling errors and photos to add at a later date.

After reading I will update as and when possible.



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Mothers Day We will always remember you

On this special day we remember our mothers who perhaps had the most influence on our lives. This is the second mothers day without Margaret my wife and mother to our three boys. So I want to share with you the words from my card I brought.

Taking a special moment to think of you

Some people can’t help but bring warm thoughts to mind …

They are known for ways they are caring and kind.

For positive outlooks and laughter they share

For others feel better whenever they’re there ….

Special to know and spend time around, too,

they’re the ones who are nice to remember  – like you (Margaret)

I am so grateful for the wonderful gift of you  (Margaret) in my life.


All my love always


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This is the name I have given the culprits who violate our personal space in and around our homes.

Yesterday at the unearthly hour of 4am my house alarm goes off I proceeded to the kitchen to deactivate within 30 secs to be confronted with a very cold kitchen as the doors and windows were open. It is fair to say my brain was not at its best at that time trying to piece together the doors and windows. I did close them and drop snips the night before. Look in the conservatory and it is easily apparent someone had made entry to the property.

Police called and arrived within the half hour with an update as to their progress by telephone. They were doing a sweep of the area before coming to me.

Best I could tell at that time in the morning only my wallet and a mobile phone was missing.

The rest of the day was spent making statements calling various agencies and insurance company to secure the property.

I was asked by the police if I had lost a pair of binoculars, looked in conservatory and a small set was missing.


Police called round last evening at 11-30 pm to ask me to identify if a set of binoculars were mine, they were and someone had been taken into custody following the sweep in the morning in a street just behind Carrick Drive.

Scumbags whoever you are violating our personal space and causing in the grand scheme of things minimal damage to property which can be repaired you cause us an enormous amount of stress and anxiety. Persons less able than me are in fear of living in their own homes as you appear to make repeated returns to add further stress to an already difficult situation.

Luckily I did not encounter the person/persons involved but at that time in morning nothing is happening in the correct order but I would have inflicted as much injury as possible to the person/persons but dressed in my best PJ’s was not exactly Kung FU attire.

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Church Flowers

IMG_0311We remember them all with great affection.

I thought I would share the flowers that were displayed in our church last Sunday. The weekend was the date chosen many years ago by Margaret as it was the closest to many of our family members passing into the Lord’s arms. Without getting into dates these included Margaret’s sister’s husband Alan McArthur, Margaret’s mother, my sister’s husband Ted, my mother, (January and February)  Margaret’s father (June) and my father (July). With Margaret added to the list I will continue to take up this weekend for ever.

Thanks to the flowers team at Sandyhills for the arrangements each week.

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Margaret’s fund goes up and up


We are most grateful to receive via a colleague at Garrowhill Bowling Club Roddy Thomson a cheque for £1000.

leuchie 100

Leuchie House


JustGiving Margaret Abbott





This all came about :-

Jonny Scott takes up the story

VP Plc

I was in Roddy’s company at the bowling club on closing day last year and I mentioned I was running the half marathon for Leuchie House (where my best friends mother who died recently Margaret Abbott spent some respite time there. She had suffered with MS since 1982) the following day. Roddy’s work
 ‘VP PLC’ had recently launched an initiative among its 800 employees challenging them to raise £30,000 for a common charity pot and if successful, the company vowed to match it and contribute another £30,000. Each member of staff was then asked to nominate a charity of their choice to have a chance of being selected at random for a £1000 stake……….so Ronnie nominated Leuchie House as his chosen charity and as it turns out Ronnie was one of the names pulled out of the hat!
Picture Gallery

So far on Margaret’s JustGiving page and with Jonny’s help and many others the fund is now in excess of £7000. Meetings will be taking place soon to start the refurbishment of the upper rooms at Leuchie House.


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Saturday 13 February 2016

Philip and Jacquie scheduled to travel back to Northampton around 2 pm.

Make plans for their visit in May. Garage front needs repair, materials itemised – weather permitting – as well as a couple other jobs planned.

Early lunch before they set off and bus packed.

This was the moment that I had not talked about WHEN I am left on my own. This was it and to be honest it was very traumatic as this was like the final moment in the last three weeks of a roller coaster road that I have been on. A moment was taken – well a long moment with them both talking through with me our feelings over the last three weeks and what plans we might make when the time was right in the coming months.

See them off wish them safe journey

Margaret and Michael in wedding car Sept 1970I hope that you have followed the blog and I have tried to be as accurate as possible with the daily updates. I have found it a useful release to document Margaret’s death and the emotions that I felt at the time. Whilst 31 January will always be a day that I will always remember, I place it along side a few others:-
28 December 1968 – the day we saw each other in Glasgow for the first time – falling in love in Aviemore and exchanging of letters thereafter till
16 September 1970 – Married
July 1973 Steven born, October 1975 Philip Born, July 1982 Matthew born.

Margaret and I had a great life together but sadly cut short at 64 years.

Decide as Valentines day was coming up to get a card “Thinking of you” this I will do on significant dates going forward.

A new life for me without Margaret but her memory will always be in my heart.



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Friday 12 February 2016

One more day to go before Philip and Jacquie have to travel back to Northampton.

Only one more draw to go as we set to again in the room upstairs another bag to be filled and emptied.

We have been at this for a couple of days now and still no documents very frustrating, still fielding phone calls the one stop of tell all does not seem to be working as it should.

A CHEER goes up we have found the documents you have guessed it last draw right at the back and had fallen off the rails and guess what they were in the draw marked certificates/wills. It is not surprising the brain has nor been in a coordinated phase this last three weeks. Philip comes up to see what all the fuss was about.

We cannot stop now must finish.

Perhaps we will take a refreshment to celebrate.

I am so relieved to find these papers.

Call from Motabilty we agree a month extra to keep the car before I have to hand it back.

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