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1969 a year of firsts

So much happened in 1969 for Margaret and I.

I left Glasgow for Minworth on January 3rd after my Holiday in Aviemore with John Burford and friends. 

Margaret and I seemed to keep the postage and paper retailers in business writing so many times a week till we met up at Easter 69. 

Margaret made her first trip south for my 21st in May. It was soon to be Margaret’s 18th at the end of June which I made a trip north to celebrate with her. 

That trip north in June 1969 after so many letters that year seemed to further bring us closer together as a couple. 

Much was to unfold in August when I finished my electrical apprenticeship and travelled north and got a job at Scotts working on the Glasgow Stow University (College back then) and starting night school studying electronics. 

As I reflect today on 1969 there are so many memories come to mind some very personal which sustain me in remembering Margaret’s personality and our love for each other despite of everything that was to unfold over the next 45 years.

Forever Michael.

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