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Six years on

31st January 2016 was a day that as a family we lost someone very dear to us all.

I found this card and it reflected my thoughts as I recall the happy times Margaret and I had together for 45 years. We did so much together and I especially wish that as the final line of the card says ‘That the main concern of others be of comfort too’. It has never been more so in the last couple of years as the Covid -19 virus has impacted on so many things in our lives on a daily basis.

I am sure many others have had similar experiences over the last two years so these words are for you too.

Just to say thank you to all for providing that comfort.
Some suns never set
When you lose someone you love,
Its hard to bear the sorrow
And it takes such strength and courage
Just to try and face tomorrow
But may each happy memory
Be a guiding light to you
And the main concern of others
Be of the greatest comfort too.
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On this day

New Years Day 1969 Margaret and I with a group of friends had made it back to Newtonmore Youth Hostel following bringing in the New Year in Aviemore. There was deep snow on the ground and the youth Hostel was not open till 06-30 it was bitterly cold in the car waiting for the hostel to open. I had only met Margaret 3 days previously and the next 5 days or so till I made my way back home to Minworth, Warwickshire seemed to go so quickly.

What was to follow for the next 45 years until Margaret’s death on 31 January 2016 was a journey that we both took openly, first immediately re locating to London , then to Farnborough Hampshire and finally back to Glasgow in 1974. We had three boys I am now dwarfed by them but I know that Margaret’s influence on them is so apparent, kindness, thoughtfulness and respect as they make it in the world.

This is my 5th Christmas and New Year without Margaret and was focused so much the other day when Ellis my youngest granddaughter had said before we left their house on the 28th December to release two balloons in memory of her Gran’s. It was quite an emotional moment as we watched the balloons fly high into the night sky finally seeming to join up making their way into the heavens.

2022 who knows masks may still be visible for sometime but lets hope we move on and can once again meet our families, rekindle relationships much more than we have done in the last two years.

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