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Forever in my heart

This should have been published on Monday.

Today would have been our 49th wedding anniversary. In the last few weeks a number of things have come together to make today just as special as it was back in 1970

I would like to share my thoughts as I remember Margaret today.

It is always very difficult when someone close to you passes away and even more difficult to find a tangible way to remember them as the memories are so deep and forever.

We found Leuchie House in February 2000 a place that Margaret and I were looking for to combine both work and pleasure. For Margaret it provided a much needed opportunity to have all her needs catered for whilst she was there and managed at least twice a year from 2000 till her last visit in 2016.

When Margaret suddenly passed away in January 2016 myself, Steven, Philip and Matthew did not take long in setting up a ‘JustGiving page’ to raise money for a project at Leuchie House in Margaret’s memory.

Margaret was such a caring person that we should fund something that would benefit as many people as possible. The Aviemore Lounge was the project that is finally now complete, it was one of Margaret’s favourite rooms which gave her an opportunity to relax looking out into the woods and see the Roe Deer especially early in the morning.

So, it is in Margaret’s memory that as many guests will find the Aviemore Lounge a peaceful room to further charge their batteries during their stay.

Forever Michael

My thoughts are also go to a couple of special people Gill Hark and Dorothy Thompson on this day.


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