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Margaret my Love Never forgotten

I was sitting in church last Sunday with mixed feelings as the 31 January was soon upon me. I wrote on the 28th December my thoughts about meeting Margaret for the first time 50 years ago. What was to unfold over that week in 1968/69 and more importantly the next 48 years was beyond my wildest dreams. A dream it was to spend and to be married to such a wonderful and caring person.

I was reading the other day how much you can learn from each other in a relationship, no matter what is thrown at you as a couple you adapt and learn to cope.

I was blessed to have met such a wonderful person, words can never really describe how much I loved Margaret and so miss her smile and raucous laughter.

I hope these words convey my feelings: –

© Louise Bailey

Published: February 2006

I feel a warmth around me,
like your presence is so near.
And I close my eyes to visualise
your face when you were here.
I loved the times we spent together,
and they are locked inside my heart
As long as I have those memories
we will never be apart.
Even though we cannot speak anymore,
your voice is always there,
because every night before I sleep,
I have you in my prayer.

Loved you then, always will


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