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Forever in my thoughts

It is that time of year when I have to come to terms with my thoughts as the 16 September approaches. Over some recent weeks listening to music tracks or hymns at church that have a resonance with me and remind me so much of Margaret. In the last couple of months, I have been in been some dark places and it is only thanks to my family and friends that I get the help I need.

When I was putting together the video to take to South Africa in December 2016 I read all the letters that Margaret and I wrote to each other over the period from January 1969 till September 1970 – 200 in all. In reading them I found a poem that Margaret wrote in April 1969….

My life in a nutshell displayed there before me,

By he was desired what in me he shall try

To find.  For we know what the other has dreams of

The longings ambitions and feelings so strong

For love between two, which will not be destroyed.

By time, or man, not even death,

The growing affection and love of two bodies,

The one and the other are united as one.

Yet the miles set between us don’t hinder, but nurture

This growing love growing deeper with each thought and deed

As if geared to tomorrow, its hopes and its sorrows.

Together we two will be united as one.

This was just a short extract but it sums up what this day on 16 September 1970 meant so much to us and thanks Margaret for 45 wonderful years.

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