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Awesome Team does Tough Mudder

What on earth was happening last Saturday – Matthew let me know that he was doing the Tough Mudder at Drumlanrig Castle near Thornhill, nr Dumfries. Do you want to do it dad – no but I would love to come down and watch. So an early start for Matthew and his group and yours truly a 40 plus mile round trip. Now when I say mud I mean mud and plenty of it. The heavens opened up for most of the morning and not all that warm either just in consequence to make it mudder or could I say murder. Now this is not counting the twenty obstacles they had to complete.

Arrived just about 9 am and missed Matthew starting so sort out map and made my way to about mid point again no idea where he was – kept asking what time did their group start and eventually got close to 9 am about 2 hrs in I could see him coming down the hill with the Awesome Team in tow.

They were about 4 miles in so made a rendezvous to meet him guess where the mud smile so they went to complete loop 1 and I trekked up the hill to meet them there. It took me about 20 minutes so I guessed about 1.5 hrs before they would arrive.

Now the mud smile is a series of open ditches with knee deep water and lots of mud which is followed almost immediately with a 200yards of mud ankle deep. A chat and off they went to complete second loop see you at the end.

To complete they had to mount the Pyramid to the top but first get into knee deep water (actually cleans the legs) but makes the slope wet. The team did very well as a team getting to the top.

I can only congratulate them for a BRILLIANT TEAM EFFORT not sure about the smiles maybe of pain and yes we did it The Tough Mudder.

Postscript Matthew said on Sunday morning I feel as through I have been hit by a truck. 

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