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The Beast from the East arrives at Carrick Drive, Glasgow

Yesterday 27th we had what can only be described as a prelude to what was to come overnight. The day time temperature was very cold yesterday – we in fact had a power cut at the West of Scotland Bowling so home within the hour at 11-30 am.

Out a church meeting till 9 pm and no sign of what was to come during the night.

The pictures best describe the scene this morning I estimate approaching about 6” plus at the rear which faces east. The car will remain in its blanket of snow just now. It took me about an hour to clear a path through to the front of 62 – I only cleared enough snow for the wheels as there is so much.

Just as a comparison we had virtually no frost or snow in 2016/2017 winter period – we have made up for it big time and so late in the Winter/Spring cycle. Thankfully this late on it does not last long – I hope.

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