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Alfred Abbott

Alfred Abbott

Alfred Abbott enlisted in The Royal Warwickshire regiment on XX . I got in touch with regimental headquarters to find out what was happening in Arras in December 1916. It appears that they were just holding lines and no particular battle was taking place.
He died of gunshot wounds in hospital.
His grave is marked in Bethune Cemetery. I visited the grave in 2004 and was very moved by the surreal setting of so many graves of all nations. There was an egg coloured rose at his grave I found this so moving as the rose was one of our dad’s favourite plants.

To a young lad with just over a month from his sixth birthday loosing his father we will never know what effect this had or to the many generations who lost loved ones in The First World War which still had two years to run till 1918.

Those of us here today acknowledge the sacrifice of our brave men and women who gave their lives so that we might live in peace among nations.


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