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Makeover begins – daily update to completion

Not the body makeover which can of course do with some work weight loss etc. would not go amiss. I refer to the garden make over especially the rill (stream) to the pond.

Garden pre workGarden preworkGarden pre workThe plan is to remove conifer in foreground, redesign the waterfall area.  The paths will be constructed of honeycomb with infill of gravel from the shed area to the greenhouse. The mono block is saved for further use likely at our church. The area to the left of the path near the shed is also to be gravel and honeycomb to allow another sitting area looking across the Ruby Garden section to the pond.

Strip out begins

garden clear 1garden clear 1garden clear 1The advance party from e-angels ( as they are called arrive Friday 15th Feb to start preparation works before another squad arrives next week. They began by first removing conifer to the skip followed by a partial removal of the rockery hardcore (big rocks to you and me). Sadly the bridge I built a few years ago has seen its days numbered so has gone to the skip – a new one planned.  The final part of Friday was to make a planned layout of some possibilities for the final design.

The  waterfall is likely to use paddle stones with water cascading down into the rill then into a holding-pool, onto a small water feature and finally into the pool.

Day 2

A frosty start to the day but the promise of sunshine later.

Everest being builtEverest with topping outEverest still climbing

After the previous work on Friday last it was down to shaping and making the basis of the design was the priority of the day. Mount Everest takes shape to accommodate the water course which will tumble-down to the holding-pool over paddle stones. The levels worked out should allow a good flow to the pond. It was decided to get a new pump that will provide the best flow to the top rather than making do with the current pump, so await arrival of that today.

Day 3

liner robinView from office windowHard frost again but developing into a cracking day.Mall on his own but cracking on laying the base sand into the rill and top pond. We may have running water down over the liner etc. this afternoon and then on to his favourite part to place the rocks etc.. Yes the water flowed this afternoon after the liner was laid with a good felt type of underlay and the odd rock placed – so we off and running. Yet more rock arrived this afternoon. Just for a bit of fun this little robin has been about checking up on progress.

Day 4 Can you tell what it is yet

View from office window fall2fall1fall3shedWe are really off and running now. Cooler day today but a squad in to move the features on a pace. New 6000 lph pump arrived last evening so the morning was spent in getting it functional temporarily to add the puddle stones to be placed for the landscapers to get the water movement and also to see how much water is delivered by the pump.

Afternoon squad came in and started to lay sand base for path and some honeycomb and also to build retaining wall to the left of path nearest the shed.

Day 5 work going well

More bits and pieces into water featurewallRill entry to pondA hard frost last evening in fact the pond did not clear all day of ice. Another one predicted overnight to-night. Today has been a day of developing more bits and pieces and planning for next stage of planting and the honeycomb to be laid. We have a bit more take out to be done on the lower path to get down 50mm for sand laying.

Day 6 one week on

Well here we are after a good working week with cold and frosty nights and early mornings but thankfully no rain or snow.

Today the honeycomb went down and was backfilled with aggregate – it looks great. The step to the greenhouse was completed. Construction began of the new bridge with the skeleton top section concreted in.  Works comes to a rest at the weekend which gives us time to take stock of where we are at.

A great selection of plants arrived late on photos to come and names at a later date.

In the meantime I have to get the kitchen prep. for the decorators next week – had the decorator in today for the compensation ceiling damage. We are not sure after he leaves at the end of the week whether I will have to finish off the walls – electrician in on Monday to fit down-lighters.

No more update till Monday evening.

Day 7 Monday 25 February

To day the plants went in whilst I was away taking Margaret to Leuchie House for her first of two stays a year.  Down-lighters prep in the kitchen and ceiling stripped ready for the decorator, tomorrow will be a telling day in the kitchen.

View from Pond with plants in

Planting completed

View from behind water feature

Back to the garden makeover – some nice plants as you can see from the pictures and tomorrow the bridge will be complete so Wednesday looks like that part will be complete. Just a small matter of tidying up and cleaning the drive at least we are expecting a good week weatherwise.

Day 8 Almost there

Bridge ConstructionIs there much more to doThe final push with the crew here along with the decorator to do the kitchen ceiling.

In the garden on a lovely sunny day after a fairly cool morning the push was on for the final touches. the mulch was slowly going in and the bridge was coming along nicely. The plants with the mulch are showing off to great effect.

The plant list is almost compete – so far I have identified the following for an idea.

 Fuchsia Tom Thumb
Acer plasm crimson Queen
Day 9 nearly there
view from upper windowalmost-theredragonWell here we are almost there the bridge was completed today and hardcore laid back on the top path to the bridge. The afternoon was spent adding further rockery bits and placing George the dragon to overlook the water feature. I finished some rocks on the other side of the pond.Left to do is refit some mono block at  the shed to marry in with the path and make a cut in the manhole to take cables this will be completed tomorrow and then it is clear up time. The lawn has taken a battering so work needed here with a lot of moss to get rid off – most likely get a ton of top-dressing and do all the lawns fingers crossed for dry weather for as long as possible.
Day 10 Clear-up time and stand back
group1drink serious-this-time

Night time shot from upper window



So we come to the final day. Just a few bits and pieces to do. Complete tie in to honeycomb, move yet more large rocks at the back of feature, complete edging of lawn. We made modifications to the man-hole to allow cables in from the side and closed up previous access point. And finally as they say move more rubbish to the skip and hose down some of the path.

Having seen the makeover completed a couple of things needed to be done, add safety strips to the bridge, purchase a couple of rocks to finish the area on the side away from the path, more flexible hose for filter and the whole makeover is complete.

Just need the a summer to get the chairs out and listen to the tranquil setting we have created.
e-angels logoWork done by E-Angels a great bunch of lads, Mal for his input and labour of love into the rill, Cobis and the rest of the gang who came over on occasions and I could not forget especially Bobby the comedian.

Karen the organiser and designer of the project thanks a million.

The final picture goes to George rightfully placed in prime spot.

 And Finally
The makeover has been completed for a few weeks now Margaret managed last Sunday to make her first venture up and over the bridge to see it all completed. Sadly we have not to date been able to sit out as the weather has been either very cold -4/5 at times or windy and wet so lets hope for many sunny days to come.
When the frost had disappeared the days were very sunny so took a chance with the camera and produced a video so I can watch it any time so here it is for you to enjoy also. I called it Inspired by Chelsea as I have watched over years the transformations that can take place (I want a bit of that) with the right thought and canvas to paint on our dreams.

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