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Christmas Eve

I was inspired recently by the report from the Channel Islands about the repatriation of Christmas messages sent by the German troops finding their way home after (BBC link) 71 years.

I recalled one I had that my dad had sent my mother whilst he was in the Mediterranean during the war.  The card shows the foot of Italy which the Durham Light infantry 16 brigade were involved.  (Durham Light Infantry)  Some pictures of my dad during the war from a site administered by Tom Tunney shows the history of his father during the war with the Light Infantry.

This is the card sent by me dad xcard1card2

Merry Christmas

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December 2012 update

I started this Blog some two years ago when we had a substantial snow fall here in Scotland and a way of keeping the family informed how their Mum & Dad were coping with the weather. So it seemed a good time to update with the latest weather report from you know where – snow has fallen last evening 2 December only a 2 cm’s but a covering none the less. It has been quite cold of late with -4/6 overnight making the latest fall quite slippy underfoot.

We have been a little plagued of late with some telephone interference on the line which has at last been traced to a faulty incoming cable to the house – we are sailing along with nearly 8mb’s download speed for the first time ever.

BBC Scotland Golf Crew

BBC Scotland Golf Crew taken on ?

I went to a BBC reunion of all the young pups who have retired recently etc.  I have been on holiday for exactly eight years on November 30th last and what a lot I have packed in those eight years. The Blog is a good reflection of that.
The picture I am posting is one that I think was taken at a golf event of all the BBC Scotland crew – I will endeavour to locate the exact date when I can speak with the photographer.


Leuchie House

Leuchie House, North Berwick

One other piece of info is to alert all my readers to Leuchie House Christmas appeal. This holiday centre which Margaret goes to twice a year to get away from yours truly to R & R. Yours truly goes off to do some mad activity as my entry (I am not forty any more but think I am) so please support if you can this very worthwhile centre in only its second year of charitable status after the MS Society withdrew funding.

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