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Computer Woes – and then success?

The saga continues – decided to go for a rebuild of win7 32 and win7 64 on a dual boot system.

Win7 32

This has the following 32 bit OS and Office 2007. This will be left alone in this low configuration as a failsafe.

The reason for the build was the problems I had a couple of weeks ago when the following errors seem to occur all at once.

Flat screen monitor suddenly had all sorts of lines across it. Replaced GFX card with spare and all came good – great but no – then I had all sorts of BSOD’s. I tested initially in pairs until I found it should have been done in singles.

Out of the four sticks only one showed no problems, two would not boot machine and one failed very quickly on test 5. So I am left with a working machine with 2 G out of 8 and jiggered GFX card.Memory86+ test package used.

Back to installing Win7 64bit.

Added Office 10 and a couple of other bits such as ESET AV and Malwares software and decided a good time to do the image thing.

Image made but left it a couple of days before taking the plunge to actually test it. Bingo time now reinstall complete both Win 32 and Win64 in about 15 mins.

However still getting some BSOD’s at random times but traced it down to actually crashing when the system came out of hibernation mode.

Reset CMOS to default – no change still had BSOD’s, so now defaulted BIOS and made some adjustments here as the defaults do not work with SATA needed ACHI mode. Turned off IDE and a couple of other settings – installed 2 sticks of new memory still on old GFX card.

Another eureka moment as the system now started to behave itself this after adjusting hibernation and sleep mode in preferences to NEVER. System now working as it should.

There is a but – Outlook today decided not to work for some reason – eventually went onto BT yahoo and my email was working fine as was Margaret’s address, so something wrong with my settings, played a bit but no clear conclusion other than set ESET firewall to allow in each direction and it came good. Spoke with ESET no thoughts there – no updates issued, a windows defender did a download something. Working now – computer glitch to make sure there is a but.

Continued to install software as well as remaining memory sticks, new GFX card so now I go for a new image and test.

Image made and rebuild including format completed in 18 minutes.

The boy is back in town well almost as I was putting this together the PC froze just like the weather here in Scotland.

Where did all my problems originate from. Nothing concrete but suspected a patch back in April that jiggered my Bullguard account which I never got working again, HD changed etc as well as alot of download’s of this and that from Bullguard. I will never know.


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