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Seems an age since I wrote re the Room under the Hammer. Well the hammer was out and used to knock the odd hole here and there but thankfully it is all finished with some draw handles only to be added. It is amazing how long just a simple bedroom takes to complete. The worst problem is having to clear up after the workmen all the time.  I asked someone why they never clear up now and it is due to the cost of them visiting the local tip. The bathroom team cleared it all away Рfrom memory it may have been included but a few carpet bits surely should not come into that category take it back to the warehouse.

The boy is back in town now after a couple of days at LEUCHIE House with Margaret and made it for a run this morning despite a cold from last week. Played badminton last night as well only 4 more weeks and then it is the bowling season till September – oh! for some warm evenings – it is snowing heavy here just now.

Managed to start on my seed sowing yesterday following a guide in Garden News so see what transpires.  Daffodils made an appearance two weeks ago as did some Irises down the back wall Рso all systems go will think about the competition potatoes in a couple of weeks.


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