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Room under the Hammer

No not the Tv programme but it does show that some of the people on it must tell a few porkies.

One room  – strip paper on walls and ceiling 2 days – palsterer to do walls and ceiling 2 days (3 or more days to dry-out) – painting walls 2 days – wardrobe fit is scheduled for 3 days and new skirting boards – further painting 2 days – 14 days just one room. A whole house in 6 months just might make it.

Margaret away to respite next week so complete when she returns on 11 March.

Course nearing the completion of block 1 and TMA in by next week. What a difference between academic type course and the technical ones. I am now thinking I might have been better to do an other academic one for my honours. The module (not course) as it is to be called does have some interesting stuff of what is in the black box or card re networking  packets and the like thenwe move on to audio and video editing etc later on so there is a good mix.

I am following a schedule in garden news for cropping vegetables written by the guy on friday mornings radio Terry Walton who hails from South Wales so we will see – also in competition with Jaks to grow potatoes in bags – bring it on.

Off to get paint and make my first trip to empty the garage of paper and plaster and a further 4 to go with wood and wardrobe.


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Busy day yesterday – Matthew over to help strip wardrobe out from our bedroom – strip wall paper. Managed just about a half of the ceiling and bit of the walls. Plasterer in by end of week if I can get the room fully cleared – skirting to come off as well. New coving to be added after the new fitments are put in whilst Margaret is away at respite on Feb 28. Will do a bit more today.

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Still having problems with PC. More BSOD’s today random reasons (driver_power_state_failure) failed to come out of hibernation. I suspect after some updates from Seattle. A number have failed I notice.

Did a trawl around the net and found a couple of updates for the motherboard and gfx card which updated this week.  Really have no clue what the problem is whether it is a function of 64, the board is not up to it or there may be problem somewhere else.

New HD installed eventually as a straight copy from the old disk.

Went into John Lewis today to try and get wedding outfit for Margaret sadly nothing suitable, we are not surprised with the lack of styles etc that were offered. We will keep looking and the right outfit will fall into place.

Need to put the keyboard into operational mode and get the TMA’s done and the computer marked assignments. The remainder of the books arrived to day they get bigger each time a lot of reading about bluetooth, mobile phones, collaboration software etc.

We have decided the bedroom is getting done whilst Margaret is away at respite -Matthew is coming over on Saturday to take out current fittings and strip the walls for a plasterer to start in the next couple of weeks ready for the fitters.

And not as it is too late HAPPY Birthday to Yvonne.


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The rain is battering down now so it cannot get any more gloomier. Then maybe it can.

PC is still a little sick – having spoken with desktop guru we came to a similar conclusion that the HD may be on its way if not already gone.  It has managed to work OK all day so far.

Did a purchase of Acronis 11 and managed to do a clone of my 32 bit onto an external drive. It wouldn’t do a clone from my 64 drive – it kept breaking down – I was expecting it to clone any disk no matter where it was in the system – the one I did manage did the reboot and did it all before windows loaded..  A bit more research I found ACTIVE ( and loaded the trial version (21Days) and did an image from 64 to a space which I did not have to think about on another drive on my system.

Anyway I have ordered a 500g drive to put in and see if this cures the problem of BSOD. The only thing that has been playing up today is windows explorer  taking an age to red DVD’s etc. and deciding to close when it felt like it.

Tutorial 1 on Saturday to see what the grey matter has taken in so far.


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I feel today has been wasted. Went to PC this morning and all was not well. It had rebooted for some reason and wiped the dual boot of the 64 version log on. This is provided by easy-bcd v2 and has been there since I built the machines. So onto the 32 and reinstated the boot details and onwards I went. Alas no good as the PC continually crashed first with pen_list_corrupt and then mem_management that was after trying to boot in safe mode. Eventually managed to get it to work without crashing. Initially thought it was a problem with Microsoft security software so uninstalled and tried Bull-Guard but I cannot get it to install as it shuts down the LAN so no connection. Back now with Microsoft essentials so no idea of problem. I just suspect some update that I do not know about. Will shut off tonight to give it a rest.

Other than that it is now raining in Glasgow.

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