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Expected to see pictures that I uploaded, well I do when I preview the page a little worrying.

Another day and another day clearing the evening fall of snow. The mountains are gettingĀ  bigger now and of course it will take longer to clear when it finally thaws.

Notice the icicles on the front windows not sure if this is a natural daily thaw or because I opened up the loft space to let some warm air circulate in to the upper roof space.

Re the MAC installed a drive from my PC and set up the backup system onto it, just awaiting a couple of memory modules to arrive to bring it up to 3 GB.

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Snow now at least 30cm deep after another few cm’s last night. Now building own mountain of snow at the front and back. Dana ventured out this morning and would have been lost had she gone off the tracks of cleared snow. Back to the fire for Dana.

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