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Not long now till a NEW YEAR and new challenges for the Abbott clan.

Well the boy’s back in town well actually getting out for a run for the first time since November 26th. Managed yesterday and the day before now that the footpaths are usable. Still some remnants of snow and ice in places making it tricky to get a grip. Rested today and will not run again till Monday. It is strange how you miss something that you have been doing regularly.

Jaks and I are now in competition mode  growing potatoes that is, they sent me some growing bags and some seed potatoes for a present so we are in mode to see who grows the best and largest crop.

Thanks from Margaret and I for all your presents and I hope that you approved of our gifts to you all.

I have been working on a joomla website for the Abbott/Howat interested parties, I hope to launch it live sometime in the next few weeks. You will need to contribute something about yourselves to make the pages interesting, I will only put the basics on just now.

Margaret calls – Happy New Year to all.

Well where did all the text I just did go.

Meant to add earlier, I made a recipe from Jamie Oliver 30 min meals (book from Steven & Yvonne) yesterday Macaroni Cheese , Cauliflower etc. It was great but on Sky news this morning many people tweeted to complain about the title as they were complaining that you cannot make the meals in 30 mins. I reckon I was quite close all in but does it matter. Sad people with nothing better to do are they going to complain about all books with a time in the title, learn this program in 24 hrs or build this cabinet in 30 mins or tile this wall in 3 hours. I rest my case for the sensible among us.

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Managed to get round to posting pictures from last week at Symington and shots from yesterday as the snow came back

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It’s back. Had a small dusting yesterday but since 13:30 to day it has not stopped. Brrrr.

Another problem for those going to work tomorrow.  Been reading about a product called autosock (google it) which is a cover for the driving wheel which you put on and take off etc. less than £50 for pair and they can be washed.

Installed 2GB of memory to the MAC. used the crucial checker and used their product. All seen OK not sure if it is any quicker only time will tell.

Going to do some DIY and then load pics from last Sunday at Sandra’s.

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Seems a while since I last posted.

Made it to Symington for a belated 70th birthday for David, usual suspects there Sandra and Jill and her family and us of course.  We are still getting it cold with a  fall of snow this morning which has subsequently frozen. I went up the PO at 4 p.m. and had to walk in the main road all the way to the cross. The warnings may have been to frighten us after the last lot.

I thought I would pop in just a personal praise for myself. I now have a degree at ordinary level. I have to decide to accept at BA or BSc as I am going on to honours next year and can only attend one ceremony and what ever I decide now the certificate reflects only one discipline.

So I suppose I could sign off as Michael A  Abbott  BA OU Social Sciences.

Just kidding

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Been a little quiet here over the last couple of days. The snow has finally started to go however the forecast is for it to return at the end of next week.  the resultant thaw has left the pavements difficult to walk on and unfortunately Margaret will not be able to go to church again this week. The thaw I noticed this morning after putting the bin out has cause all the driveway to heave, it seems to be worse where the snow has been cleared suggesting perhaps we should leave it on to provide a blanket for the underground materials. Going to try and move the garage inside around to get the car in before the next bout of cold weather.  TTFN

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Left thermometer out at the backdoor last night it went down to -15.3 c. Now lovely and Sunny and according to weather info it is -12 currently. Brrrrrr.

Went up co-op at 2:30 and to the PO. Po closed all day, cards not posted as the PO Box was full, Bank closed at 2 p.m. as well. No milk in co-op but got potatoes and leek for soup.  David reported via Janice that his moustache was freezing this morning on is walk to the village for paper.

Still Brrrrrrrrr

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Time 16:30 thermometer showing -11 just outside back door. Cars abandoned in Baillieston road after yesterday. The pavements are about 15 cm think with ice, crunching to walk on. Nothing of fresh produce in the co-op and many of the shelfs of other stuff very empty. Means no milk or bread deliveries at the moment this neck of Glasgow.

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New update from snowy Glasgow.  A new fall this morning at 09:30. I reckon that is now about 100 cm deep. Cancelled the carers today as they would have to park their cars in the middle of the road as last weeks snow fall has created large areas of ice at the sides.  Had success on the technical front with FLIP PDF of our church magazine

Sign off and have a look at the outside world.

The outside world was very wet snow this afternoon. The last three pictures were taken around 2 p.m.. The street is like glass and the cars on Baillieston Road are burning out clutches, you could smell the burning at 62.

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Cried off going to BBC reunion lunch today as the pavements here are very icy. Got call about 9:30 to inform me that carers would not be coming in so a  good early call vindicating me not going into Glasgow. I suspect the carers will not be on Monday either as our street and especially the edges are impossible to get in and out of cars.

Tried to put paper waste out no joy with Blue Bin frozen shut. Cleared the car so try and make it to the shops for some provisions.

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