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I have now migrated the site to a new platform.

The BLOG is the most up to-date with new posts added when ever I have interesting things to add.

NEW – Walking in Competa – a daily catchup on my latest mad adventure. Join up with 19 unknown people in an airport a guide and off you go walking in the Spanish country side. How mad is that read on.

Margaret one year on profiling my feelings one year on to Margaret passing away.

One of the main reasons was the sad loss of Margaret back in January this year. There is a page that I updated whilst I was in South Africa in November/December last year. It is a page dedicated to Margaret my wife who suddenly passed away in January 2016.

Now back after a successful trip to Hoedspruit in the North East of the country. The reason I travelled here was to scatter Margaret’s ashes in The Kruger Game Reserve at a place called Vutomi Dam. Margaret and Anne were best friends for almost six decades who now lives here In South Africa in Hoedspruit Raptor Reserve and I have chosen to reunite them in this special way.  

Family history will look at the Abbott and Howat family trees in a bit more detail that is when I get round to it.

Holidays will reflect on some of the holiday destinations we have had as a family over the years.

More sections may develop as the site grows.

Please drop me a note if you find any errors or links not working.

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